A note from Owen

"My name is Owen and I have loved magic since I was three. It all began at the public library when I saw my first magician perform a show. I remember being amazed as he took different coloured balls and placed them into a clear tube and they changed places. I knew instantly that's what I wanted to do: I wanted to do magic. That very afternoon I came home and made up tricks of my own such as taking a crayon, placing it on the table and asking my parents to close their eyes. Next I would quickly grab the crayon and hide it, ask them to open their eyes, and ALACAZAM it was gone.
For a long time that was my magic until one day my mom surprised me with a trip to a magic store in Toronto. That opened my eyes to the world of magic. The store was filled with people doing magic, and the walls were all shelves full of magic items (some of them items that I had seen in my first show). A man named Jeff came over and I said: "My name is Owen and I am interested in magic." Little did I know that these ten words would change my life. He responded with "Well then, you have come to the right place". Ever since then, whenever I was in Toronto, I would ask to go to the magic store.

As I began to accumulate more magic I started to wonder where I could begin to perform and practice my magic. The simple answer was the Barrie Farmers' Market, a place I had been going to ever since I was a baby and a place I still go to do magic. That's actually where I got my name from, Owen The Great Magician. The first Saturday I did magic at the market, at age six, the market manager posted a big sign that said: "Here today, Owen The Great Magician". Ever since, that name has stuck. 
Going to the market really kick started my magic. It was there that someone asked me to perform magic at a special camp called the Ontario Educational Leadership Centre. This opportunity really helped my magic because for the first time I had to take my magic and present it in a show for a large audience. 

As time has passed, my collection of magic and my skills have grown. I am 17 now, and have been lucky enough to bring my magic to events of very kind. Ranging from birthday parties, to corporate events, and charity work, I am so thankful to those who supported me when I was younger. This past November, I organized a fundraiser to raise money to help support some of the Syrian Refugee families in Barrie. It feels incredible to be able to give back to the community through something I love so much. I could never have dreamed my life would be so magical."

~ Owen Wong (March 2018)



Since the age of three Owen has been interested in magic. Performing primarily in Barrie and surrounding areas, Owen frequently entertains audiences ranging from intimate family audiences, to large scale corporate functions with hundreds of people. Over the past few years, Owen has brought his magic to countless birthday parties, been featured on television shows such as "Category 5 technology tv", and worked with business and non profit organizations such as Gilda's Club, the Ontario Educational Leadership Centre, March of Dimes Canada, and HGR Graham Partners LLP. 

Owen's First Big Show - OELC (2009)